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Aug 5, 2020
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Jennifer Grey Is Returning For ‘Dirty Dancing’ Sequel After 33 Years

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The original dirty dancing start is going to be dancing her way back into your hearts in the new upcoming ‘Dirty Dancing’ sequel. Not many people have really seen or heard from her since she danced off the screen in that final dance. She did have roles in things but nothing major really. However she is back and ready for some more as she will not only star in the new film but she will also be the executive producer.

Simply because distribution rights to the ‘Dirty Dancing’ are held by LionsGate it is believe that the untitled movie filming that everyone is involved on will be Dirty Dancing. A sequel at that since it is all being done by LionsGate.

The original movie was set back in 1963 as you all most likely remember. The new sequel will be a bit more modern but not to modern, it will be set in the 90s which is a good era for it to be set in if you ask me.

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