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Aug 6, 2020
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Remember The Wonder Years Rumor Featuring Marilyn Manson As Paul? Why? How?

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We all remember hearing it and for some reason many people believed it and I wont lie. I actually believed it too for a long time when I was younger. Of course all this mainly took plan pre/early stages of the internet. Definitely before Googles time. No one really knew how or where the rumor came from but yet we all heard it.

Now honestly if we ever checked the dates of when both Brian Warner (Marilyn Manson) and Josh Saviano(Paul) were born you would have seen that Manson was 19 when the show started and Josh was only 12. There are many other inconsistency’s that prove they are different. But the real question I had is, how did this whole rumor start in the first place?

So how did the rumor start? Well, it did take place in the early 1990s which was the early years of the Internet as mentioned prior. So pretty much all random, unverified comments were allowed to be said and begin to grow and grow into something of its own and be unchecked against any sources. Google wasn’t there so there really wasn’t any easy way for the mass to verify it. Josh himself claimed he first heard the rumor when he was a freshman in college and also Manson’s album, Portrait Of An American Family, was released during this time frame.

“I think actually it was one of the very first Internet rumors, because it was 1994,” he told Yahoo in 2013. “The Internet was just sort of becoming mainstream, particularly on college campuses. It was just perfect timing and the perfect storm.”

So everything was timed just right for this rumor to grow and take off.

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